Top 4 Gaming Mouse Mats Compared

If you have ever asked a group of gamers about what computer components pivot their gaming performance, they would have probably replied with the vitals first, such as a powerful system GPU, appropriate computer screen, highly responsive mouse, or a top-notch keyboard. And yes, who can blame them; these equipment most definitely hold the key to ensure the perfect gaming environment we all want. However, it won’t be long before someone adds another piece to the puzzle: the mouse mat. This is where the high-end mouse meets the surface, and for gamers seeking to maximize their performance, a good supporting platform is fundamental. After all, who wants a $200 state-of-the-art mouse to be hovered over a pitiable pad? Yeah you’re right, no one!

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To wipe your sweat, we are going to list the best mouse pads that you can clutch on. But first, let’s explore the important ingredients that make up a quality mat.


Of course, for a pad to raise its level from being good to extraordinary, its needs to return the most responsive feel. This is largely controlled with the outside material governing the inside. And for majority developers, cloth is set as the first preference.


Ask yourself; what is the one factor that instantly hints you of the type of pad (traditional or gaming)? Answer: The pad’s size!

Gaming mouse surfaces are much bigger than the traditional tops, allowing for extended hand movements and extra flexibility. These practices are key to a better performance, especially when playing the more intense shooting games that require accurate aims and impeccable shots.


Nobody wants a docile equipment to be managing the wild movements so commonly observed by a professional gamer. Therefore, it is important that the tool is well-filled and “appropriately trained” to counter the abrupt actions.

Hold Its Head High!

While dressing like a businessman makes one feel like a businessman, similar theory can be applied for gamers. Every gaming accessory, let it be a set a headphones, a mouse, or a mouse mat, should look “intimidating” and bring out the positive attitude bubbling inside your veins.

And now, let’s get started.

SteelSeries QcK

Starting at: $6.99

When it comes to providing the steadiest, and the most modish surface for your mouse, SteelSeries QcK leads the race. This immensely popular product comes with countless designs, adding to its delightful baby-like texture. The top comprises of a soft cloth that glides through like a breeze, and breathes freshness throughout the gear. Furthermore, this handy tool can easily be rolled and carried to tournaments, building up on its already extraordinary features.

The standard QcK mouse mat is bigger than your average, run-of-the-mill pad, coming with dimensions of 12.6 inches wide, 10.6 inches tall and 0.08 inches deep. However, if durability is your consideration, you can always purchase the tougher, and the more resilient version, like QcK Heavy.

Razer Invicta

Starting at: $59.99

If you are looking for something beefier and are willing to compromise on the portability aspect, make way for Razer Invicta. Unlike the more lenient QcK, this monstrous gear includes a reversible dual-side feature, with one surface catering for quick mouse movements, and the other textured side designed for better control. This addition is typically helpful for gamers who tend to switch modes during one game, allowing for quick reversals depending on different situations.

Corsair Vengeance MM660

Starting at: $39.99

Here is another dual-sided mat, this time presented by Corsair, one of the leading names in gaming peripherals and hardware. It consists of a smooth aluminum base ribboning across the material, giving it extra durability. However, Corsair advances a step forward by integrating rubber pads to the corner to keep the device from slipping. Therefore, no matter how intense your session becomes or how rough your movements grow, one thing never bothering your mind would be loosing control.

Razer Goliathus 2014 Extended

Starting price: $34.99

If you go for quality AND quantity, then you probably need Razer Goliathus Extended. Spreading over a width of 36.22 inches, 11.57 inches high, and 0.16 inches deep, this mammoth kit is bigger than anything else in the market. However, do not get carried away with its gargantuan size, it is really soft in the inside, literally. Optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors, this beauty of a tool creates a slick and seamless surface to maximize gaming performance, and minimize fatigue.

When is your mouse mat more than just a mouse mat? When you are aiming to push your gaming skills to the sky, and attending to every minute detail the activity calls for. For a casual gamer, traditional pads should do the trick. But for the competitive users ready to open their wallets a touch wider to boost their performance, a peek into the top 4 mouse mats mentioned above are certainly worth some time.

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