Fix Alt + Tab Menu Not Working in Windows 8 (8.1)

While we may continue focusing on the more daunting and considerably scarier error codes bombarding our Windows 8.x systems, sometimes, the aggravation caused by simple issues can spark brain-bursting consequences. Similar concern is rising among Windows upgraders who seem to have lost the all-important, and the extensively-operated “Alt + Tab” hotkey used to switch between multiple applications. And for users obsessed with this handy feature, one can only imagine the disgust when hammering the keys does absolutely nothing.

The foremost solution which is always encouraged is checking your PC primary healthiness and restoring any discrepancy that perhaps is bringing about the disturbance:

  • Step 1 : Download Systimizer – PC Cleaner Tool (Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP)
  • Step 2 : Click “Scan” to find Windows issues
  • Step 3 : Click “Fix” to eliminate all troubles

To ease your pain, I am here to list simple diagnostic procedures to fix this rare perplexity. Follow this tutorial carefully and enjoy a happy “app switch”.

Enable App Switching

Admittedly, you might be tempted to rush towards the more advanced resolutions, but this step is STILL IMPORTANT. Quite often we waste our attentions on the bigger details, but to leave out the basic elements. Make sure you do not repeat this common mistake.

  • Open Start Screen under Settings by pressing Windows + W keys
  • Type Allow
  • Click Allow switching between recent apps
  • Ensure the option is ON

Modify Registry Values

Alt Tab settings are found among the vast Registry strings holding valuable instructions. Sometimes, third-party software may tamper this sensitive database and arise numerous concerns. This can fixed by editing the registry manually:

  • Press Windows + R keys to open Run box
  • Type regedit and hit Enter
  • Expand Software
  • Expand Microsoft
  • Expand Windows
  • Expand CurrentVersion
  • Ensure the following path
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer
  • Highlight Explorer
  • Notice AltTabSettings named REG_DWORD on the right
  • Right-click this entry and choose Delete
  • Close Registry Editor and reboot your machine

Try using this hot key now and see if the error is resolved. If the problem persists, check for any third-party glitches by switching to Safe Mode. If the issue disappears under that setup, start disabling each service/startup item from System Configuration box to identify the error-triggering element.

To access Safe Mode, here is what you should do:

  • Navigate to msconfig from Run
  • Click Boot tab
  • Check Safe boot listed under Boot options
  • Enable Minimal
  • Click OK
  • Restart your system to start Safe Mode

It is also advised you keep your security software updated to dismiss unsolicited programs that may be causing this issue. However, if none of the methods seem to work, proceed to a safe PC Refresh, following the below mentioned steps:

  • Point to the upper corner of your screen and hover down to choose Settings
  • Click Change PC settings
  • Go to Update and recovery
  • Choose Recovery
  • Locate Refresh your PC without affecting your files and click Get started
  • Follow on-screen instructions

Once restarted, you should be able to use the shortcut successfully.

9 comments to “Fix Alt + Tab Menu Not Working in Windows 8 (8.1)”
  1. I am using Win 8.1 On keyboard, Right Alt Key is not working for typing special characters while left Alt key is working.
    Can some one suggest remedy.

  2. well i changed it by using razer synapse if your using a razer keyboared its best that you change or try it from razer snyapse thats how mines working know

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