The New Players in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is the latest news from Microsoft Corporation. It has addressed the shortcomings of its previous version and has taken some remedial measures to cover up the costs. You, hopefully, would have acquired your rights to add in this new conception. Have you been observing the new features, patterns, and behaviors of this update, only? Let us tell you about another exciting fact of this artifact. It has tangled a number of new applications, and renovated existing applications for its users.

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Without any further delay, let us have a look at these apps and learn more about them.

Organizer Apps

Microsoft has revamped two of the organizer apps with a new look and added functions. One of which is the revitalized Alarm app. It would be an amusing revelation for the tablet and/or mobile users. Not only has this, but the enclosure of a Timer, Countdown Ticker, and a Stop Watch added more value to this utility. Moreover, you can well-manage this alarm application by scheduling it according to your requisites. The other one is an overhauled Calculator, which entertains you more than its traditional functionalities. An addition of unit converting utility, this adding app has gone beyond customary limits. The machine that used to shift between basic and scientific purposes has now the ability to convert and calculate temperature, area, energy, weight, speed, time, volume, data, length, and power.

Multimedia Apps

Multimedia can unquestionably be a major concern for many users. Young ones with portable machines encompassing Windows 8.1 are predicted to be more satisfied with the innovations enclosed herewith. The Sound Recorder app has never been that simpler, as it is in Windows 8.1. Even a first timer, with a few sights, can easily record, edit, and save sounds. Another groundbreaking enclosure is the revitalized Camera App. The interface for camera has been simplified to take photos and make videos, and it does not end here. The main surprise is the new photo editing features presented within this application. You can change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and nonetheless use new filters to give your photos a pleasant look. Microsoft’s Xbox app acquired much admiration of its users in its earlier version. This time it is going to jiggle them more, as the new panel on the left has electrifying new options to click. You can search through the millions of tracks in the archives; listen to the Radio; create and import playlist and view the top on charts.

 Tip & Tweak Apps

It was hard to roam around in the search engines to find the links to sites, specialized in educating through their tips. Windows 8 reduced this level of exertion by incorporating the relevant apps in the Windows Store. But now, in Windows 8.1, these applications are blessed with even more fascination. The Food& Drink and Health & Fitness applications that were supposed to offer the reading material are now meandering towards the use of multimedia. Moreover, these applications are now designed to organize your routine activities, as you can make your shopping lists, prepare budgets, and schedule your exercises.

SkyDrive and Reading Apps

Portable machines are an ideal channel for those who read a lot. Information worth of thousands of books can be kept in a 250 gram of device. The advent of SkyDrive in Windows 8 gained the concentration of many academics. Though, it had some limitations it was always a center of censure among the Cloud storage services. This time, Microsoft has brought some serious alterations to enhance its handiness. Small icons with plenty of room on the screen to include other featured buttons; insertion of formatting options (Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename); and offline availability of the documents, will definitely move the users. Reading apps like Pocket, facilitates its users to bookmark the material to read sometime in future. These applications, not actually extract the text from the concerned sources, but redirect the users to source, when required. Unfortunately, these cannot help users in accessing these reading materials in an offline mode.

Internet Explorer and Windows Store

In exaction of what it was rumored, Windows 8.1 has fetched us the new and much awaited version of Internet Explorer. IE 11 has entailed many unexpected features that will definitely become a point of attention. Internet Explorer 11 has expressed its focus on multi-tasking by allowing the users to view three webpages side by side. More stirring specs are viewing downloads within the browser and reopening the closed tabs. At last, let us put a limelight on the redecorated Windows Store. As depicted by Windows 8.1, Windows Store is less crowded and easy to cognize in the first view. You can stay on a single page of Windows Store, while glancing through the identical apps, located in the new layout. New categories have been added to browse the required apps more easily.

Microsoft is quite confident and all set to collect the appreciation from the users who have already tested this new update. Even you can expect more, as it is not the final release of Windows 8.1. It may take account of more innovations, until the release of Final update, this fall.

One comment to “The New Players in Windows 8.1”
  1. So far speaking for myself I’ve not experienced any issues with Windows 8.1 but, because I just mentioned this in my post watch the problems start rolling in,.. “Knock on wood”
    I’m very happy with the entire new change from Windows Vista to that of the new Windows 8.0/8.1
    I’m now free to do allot of my photo editing without having to move over and go to a completely different computer which is really nice for me. Security wise so far no bugs and issues to report. So far so good!

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