Microsoft to Release Windows 8.1 on June 26, 2013

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It has been now affirmed that Microsoft is all set to launch the advanced version of Windows 8. 26 June is the official release date of Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue). Regardless of plentiful throbbing comments and reproached response, Windows 8 has held its position in the later days. However, Microsoft is more certain this time and is coming up with major modifications in this newer version. Some leaked evidences, coming up in recent days, show a number of features expected to be counted in. 

Following are some of the anticipated improvements to be seen in all new Windows Blue:


It is rumored that the new Windows is coming up with a permanent cure of lately introduced infuriating feature of snap view. The initial appearance of two apps in a snap view at a ratio 75:25 is now revamped with additional custom sizes. It is also heard that the snap view feature will comprise of the option to snap three apps at the same time.


One of the most awaiting features of Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) is the latest version of Internet Explorer. It comprehends some slight modifications into the Internet Explorer 10 (supplemented by Windows 8), with an addition of the ‘More Options’ Button. This button leads to stimulating preference like synchronization and others.


The previous volume of Windows had to face key disapprovals from the desktop users. Windows 8 was considered as more of a finger-friendly operating system. Some unofficial stories have narrated Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) to surface with a rejoinder, addressing this specific objection.


Windows 8.1 is about to happen with all new integrated apps along with a more flourished app store. Some of the released screenshots have displayed the surplus integrated apps like Alarm, Calculate, Sound Recorder, and Movie Moments etc.


Windows 8 was considered adapting some features from Android. One of these features was to create shortcuts of new apps installed, instinctively. It was felt quite aggravating by majority of users. In the subsequent episode of Windows, this feature is switched to a new one. A ‘New’ filter/tab is to be counted in the All Apps area.


Windows Blue is projected to introduce two new tile sizes along with the two previous ones from Windows 8, summing up to four tile sizes. One of the two new sizes is smallest of all the four, while the second one is the largest of all.


Adjacent to the Modern UI Start Screen, which also depicts the environment of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 will be announcing a preference to recall the longstanding desktop, bypassing the UI Start Screen. This is good news for the traditional users, reluctant to consent key modifications.


As it was stated earlier, Windows has been deriving features from other operating systems, like Android. An exciting new feature, imitated similarly, is taking screenshots and sharing them on the network.


One of the main revolutions subject to Windows 8.1 is the enhancement of SkyDrive. The files were once retrieved only from the cloud (Windows 8). A newer look of SkyDrive will allow the users to synchronize their files documents more efficiently.


A pleasing new feature included in Windows Blue, is the animated slideshow on the screen lock. It is one of the convincing characteristics, to be introduced in any operating system for the very first time. Users can now, adore a whole lot of new fun filled experiences with Windows 8.1.


One of the most surprising developments in Windows 8.1 is the reappearance of start button. Although, the feature could be acquired in Windows 8 through the App Store, but it was much anticipated to be there by default.


Through Microsoft User ID and Password, now the users can easily synchronize their data across multiple devices. This convincing feature is much awaited by the Window operators around the globe.


The time when Windows 8 hit the market, the ‘PC settings’ was one of the features with visible aversions. At this instant, the Window developers have realized the inadequacies of this area and have promised to present a fully equipped PC Settings.

In a nutshell, Windows 8.1 will be “The Best Give Away of the Month” for PC users on June 26, 2013.

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  1. Sounds like some good improvements coming, though in my opinion they could go further by making apps resizable and leaving the taskbar visible at all times even when running an app, or even better fully combine the desktop with the “start” screen, which they should have done in the first place.

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