Windows 8.1 Review – Take A Look at Revised Features

Windows 8.1 has officially been unleashed and has gained the attention of many people. A lot was expected from this operating system, as it promised to fetch some key restructurings. Leaks, rumors, and Microsoft’s official Press Releases specified the inclusion and involvement of certain characteristics in this latest version. All these stated features and predictions were found almost true, after looking over the fresh preview. Regardless of its pros and cons, let us take a look, what it actually integrates. Described below are some of the prominent revisions, made under the name of Windows 8.

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Start Button Revised

Windows 8 had to face major criticism on omitting the Start button. In view of this, Microsoft considered and revived the feature, although, the button now shows a precise Start menu with more simplicity. You cannot see any icons and images in this menu, as it used to be in Windows XP and Windows 7. The Start menu is shared by three main portions. Ascending from the bottom, first one is comprised of two main options i.e. to Shut down and Desktop. The middle section comprises of Explore Options, and contains the selections to explore through the Windows, thru the options Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer, Search, and Run. The upper section is devoted to the System Setting Options. They items of the top section are Programs and Features, Mobility Center, Power Options, Event Viewer, Device Manager, Network Connections, Disk Management, Computer Management, and Power Shell. It is hoped that the users would assent over, somehow, the bargained Start Menu.

Lock Screen Revised

As it was predicted, the lock screen has incorporated some major customizations in this new version. You can now enjoy watching your screen locked, with the beautifully animated slide shows of your own photos. A lively screen saver will create an environment, even when your system is idle. Another modification is the Lock screen is the access to answer the Skype call, without unlocking your screen, especially when password protected. This reconsideration would hold a high significance for the tablet or mobile Windows users, but disregarded by the most Desktop users.

Start Screen Revised

As exclaimed in the gossips, Windows 8.1 has hosted a renovated Start screen with new tile sizes. Now you can assign certain app tiles, a greater visibility, and additional information displayed on them. You can view and understand through the descriptive lines stated on these larger tiles. Furthermore, you can now choose from a greater variety of colors and patterns for your Start screen background. The renovated swipe would now drag you to Apps screen. The new Start screen enables its users to select multiple tiles at a time, and apply certain actions on them all at once. For an instance, you can select several tiles simultaneously and group them together. On the other hand, you can view your frequently used apps in the start of list, as you sort it accordingly.

User Interface Revised

Microsoft has brought foremost changes in the User Interface of Windows 8.1. Users are now able to directly boot to their Desktop screen, as fixed through the settings. A revised interface is perceived to be of more service to the Desktop users. Another discussion worthy advancement is the upgraded Search Feature. A searched keyword would fetch desired results from within the drives and applications, as well as from the Skydrive and open network. The small search box is now more capable to display videos, music, photos, and text pages as search results. A more enhanced Snap function eases both Desktop and RT users to adjust the screen view according to their preferences. It has empowered a view of three, four, and eight applications all at a time for Surface Pro, High Resolution, and Dual Monitor setup, respectively.

Multimedia Revised

Windows 8.1 integrates certain multimedia enhancements. The new camera app has now lot more functions to perform. After capturing the photos, you have the choices to crop them, adjust colors, brightness and contrast, and fit in to the six different filters. You do not have to search and keep any extra image editing application, if you require nominal photo adjustments. Xbox already had facilitated the users to browse through the library of millions of songs. But now, it has introduced a navigation pane, adjusted on the left side of the screen and letting the users to search narrow, create, and maintain the playlist.

It would take a while to notice the reaction from the users on this advancement. It is hoped that the encompassed amendments would revive the poise of Windows Operating System, and Microsoft would be able to retain its users.

Microsoft has already defined the routes to acquire Windows 8.1 i.e. through Windows Store and ISO, depending upon the nature of users.

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