How to Set up Your Windows 8 Phone

Switch on your Windows 8 phone for the first time and it will ask you to consider a few settings for your smartphone. Most of the people go with the Recommended settings. However, you can enter and modify these settings with you preferences. Further, in this article you will find the basic settings options and their functions. You can then easily comprehend the most suitable options you could use.

The foremost solution which is always encouraged is checking your PC primary healthiness and restoring any discrepancy that perhaps is bringing about the disturbance:

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  • Step 2 : Click “Scan” to find Windows issues
  • Step 3 : Click “Fix” to eliminate all troubles

This is the summary of contents to be discussed here.

  • Cellular data settings
  • Keyboard settings
  • Wi-Fi connection settings

Cellular Data Settings

These settings are concerned with the route of network data usage. Until you have set up an available Wi-Fi network connection, the phone opts for the cellular data connection, by default. But once, you are in a range of Wi-Fi, allowing your accessibility, the cellular data connection will be avoided. In order to turn off your Cellular data connection, and escape confusions,

  • Go to your App list viewing all apps
  • Locate and tap the Settings tile
  • In the list of settings, go for the cellular settings
  • Tap data connection to turn it Off and On

Keyboard Settings

A new user of Windows 8 phone might find it difficult using a keyboard on a touch screen interface. For this purpose, Windows phone automatically enables word suggestions as a shortcut method to type. However, some people may find it annoying to be helped with each word. In such a scenario, you can disable this feature. Moreover, whenever you type a new word, it is stored into the suggestions list of your keyboard. You can through these settings, also delete such words. Microsoft encourages you to provide it with a feedback, so that it could make further improvements in this utility.

  • Go to your App list viewing all apps
  • Locate and tap the Settings tile
  • In the list of settings, go for Keyboard settings
  • Tap Add keyboards to view all keyboard languages
  • Check/uncheck the box to enable/disable a language
  • Go back and tap Advanced options
  • Tap Reset suggestions and then Reset to clear the suggestions
  • On the same Advanced options screen, tap Improve suggestions for reporting a feedback

Wi-Fi Connection Settings

Microsoft helps other users by collection certain information from you and disseminating to other users. A Windows 8 phone, by default, sends network name, service quality, bandwidth, authentication type, and other details of public networks. Through this, Microsoft identifies the hotspots near you and helps others to find it. However, you can alter Wi-Fi connections settings to change this behavior.

  • Go to your App list viewing all apps
  • Locate and tap the Settings tile
  • In the list of settings, go for Wi-Fi settings
  • Tap the Advanced options, and then tap to uncheck Send information about WiFi connections to help discover nearby WiFi

These were some of the key settings, typically inquired by the users. In the list of Settings, you can access a number of other options and settings to modify the particulars of your Smartphone

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