Guess What! Start Menu Likely To Return In Windows 8.2

While Windows users were highly fascinated by the graphics and overall interface enveloped in Windows 8, there were particular concerns over the removal of the all-popular and the all-traditional Start button and menu from the list. Start menu allowed the users to find the necessary apps and programs with supreme ease and utter comfort; a luxury that was not particularly experienced by the Windows 8 users. Furthermore, this popular menu carried with itself a sentimental and nostalgic value that the users were just not ready to let go yet.

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Such reasons sparked a worldwide debate among the general Windows customers and soon paved way for one of the biggest discussions concerning Windows. Microsoft then responded by bringing back the Start Button in their latest release of Windows 8.1, but things were not the same with users being sent back to the touch-friendly Modern UI layout. So what will Microsoft do now? Well, guess what: according to a latest report by Paul Thurrot, Microsoft plans to bring back the famous Start Menu back to Windows.

Windows 8.2 is Coming with Start Menu

This Start Menu, as indicated by Paul Thurrot, will be different from the one added in Microsoft 8.1, and considerably more inclined to the famous Start Menu that the people have loved since Windows 95. However, speculations are still being made regarding the position of its button; will it be found on our desktop screens like it has always been, or will it be placed in the company of Startup Screen apps and programs. Whatever the case may be, a Start menu can certainly help the traditional and native Windows users a lot more while they use this operating system.

So, hold on! What about the users who actually enjoyed the new Modern UI layout and found it easier to work through apps WITHOUT the Start Menu? Well Microsoft has certainly kept them under consideration and has planned to keep the Start Menu as an option! So, it is only up to the users to either enable or disable the Start Button and modify the Interface the way they feel suits them the best.

Another sizzling news regarding Windows 8.2 that can certainly do your anxiousness no good is the indication provided by Microsoft to allow Metro apps to run as floating windows on the screen. Now that is something that can certainly keep our hopes high and our criticisms low. With that being said, one can only wait for the release of Windows 8.2 and actually use the modern operating system that has promised so much to its customers up till now.

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