Top 10 Useful Business Apps for Windows 8

Microsoft, for the very first time through Windows 8, has aided its users to purchase diverse applications from a solitary portal called Windows Store. This store features more than 111,000 free and paid applications, ranging from $1.49 to $999.99. Since, Windows 8 is a highly Synchronized platform, it proves to be quite approachable for Business operations, with its thousands of business related applications. Some of them are reviewed below:

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Grapholite Diagrams Pro

Diagrams are obviously a significant phase of business documentation. Although there are many applications that assist you in developing effective diagrams, Grapholite entails value added features with a number of standard and customized Wireframes, Technical Drawings, and Flowcharts. This application would cost you $27, and believe it; its worth is a way higher.

Package Tracker

Sending and Receiving packages through courier, is an essential activity within business groups. However, the status of a dispatched courier is always concerned. Package Tracker makes you aware of your postages, time to time, in coordination with 60 different carriers and Bing maps, and notifies you with updates through the Live Tile. You can get this worthwhile service at just $3.


Finding a perfect place to work, in compliance with your skills and competencies, is a vision of every operative. Furthermore, in the modern dynamic work environment, job turnover is noted in high figures. Considering the specific needs of a job seeker, Windows Store offers this free application with a variety of filters.


This application concentrates on generating e-invoices, for certain business transactions. The comprised format is very simple and striking in view. Not only generating invoices, but it also specializes in keeping the record of each invoice. You can easily print these invoices or make a PDF out of them. This app is necessary to use, as it is free of cost.


Making notes has always been one of the inevitabilities of business managers. Whether it is about tagging research facts or making points for meeting agendas, personnel are strictly prescribed to keep a note pad. Evernote is a free Windows 8 application, simplifying this behavior by creating notes and managing them in an efficient way.


Businesses beyond the geographical boundaries, cannot generally conduct routine meet ups, as it would raise their cost. Skype is been serving free at such states, as it helps in carrying out distant meetings through Teleconferencing or Video conferencing. Besides that, you can call cell phones and landlines around the globe at discounted rates.


When it comes to the organizations expanded through the vast terrestrial borders, travelling becomes listed in the job description of its operatives. In the era of virtual intelligence, Windows Store assists you in organizing your trips and tours just through your fingertips. Get all free WorldMate and plan your next business journey at your access.


Besides SkyDrive, which is known well for its high capacity cloud storage, Windows Store recommends another Free storage application, dedicated only for business files and documents. Storing data with this utility is much easier than that with SkyDrive. You can upload your files through the Share button in Charm bar. Get notified when someone alter your files, make comments, and share with your peers with this valuable tool.

Accounting Calculator

Regardless of its worth, Accounting Calculator is listed among the free apps at Windows Store. It has the ability to simplify major accounting and financial information. Input the required data fields and here it is. Accounting Calculator infers important ratios that would have taken a while, if done manually. It works real quick as the standards are already stored in it.

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