Fix Common Windows Phone 8 Issues

Similar to its desktop version, Windows phone 8 was also highly criticized for its inappropriate responsiveness. It is certain that Windows RT came out with several bugs. However, many indolent users have been accusing this operating system with unjust issues. These issues, which are subject to arise from a user’s own imprudence, are easy to resolve with the help of some modest workarounds.

The foremost solution which is always encouraged is checking your PC primary healthiness and restoring any discrepancy that perhaps is bringing about the disturbance:

  • Step 1 : Download Systimizer – PC Cleaner Tool (Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP)
  • Step 2 : Click “Scan” to find Windows issues
  • Step 3 : Click “Fix” to eliminate all troubles

Here are some of the most reported issues in Windows phone 8. Fortunately, we have come up with some real fixes that actually would repair the stated problems.

Highly Diminishing Battery

In a general perception, Windows phone 8 is considered not so good with its battery lifetime. Well, if you are of the same view, just rethink over your opinion. Rapidly fading battery is not just a flaw of phone itself, but ignorance of the user. Whenever you are done with an application, just go back and exit instead of hitting Start key to launch another app. Fulfill to the ensuing methods to help yourself in saving battery.

  • From Start interface, tap to access Settings
  • In the list of settings, choose applications settings
  • On the next display, go for Background tasks
  • You will now view a list of applications
  • Open an app and tap the block button

Apps blocked in here would not use battery and memory while being open in the background.

Stuck on Screen

A frozen screen of Windows phone 8 is most probably a reason of corrupted system file within. The phone does not seem to have any tools to fix this issue. To mention, there could be third party publishers offering you a fix, however, you cannot always trust them. Therefore, a simple way to tackle is the one given below.

  • Turn off your Windows phone 8
  • Press Volume up, Power, and Home buttons all at once and hold them for ten seconds
  • The phone will turn on with Recovery mode
  • In this mode you can choose to Restore factory settings

Please make a backup of your settings and data before resetting your phone. A detailed procedure to of backing up data can be found here.

Auto Brightness

Microsoft familiarized the auto brightness features for ease of its users. It was intended to facilitate optimized battery consumption. However, the tryout did not prove a success. The main aim of auto brightness feature was to self-adjust the screen brightness with respect to the surrounding atmosphere. The simple way to treat is by turning it off.

  • Go to Settings accessing from your App list
  • In the list of settings, choose for system applications and then brightness
  • Move the slider next to Automatically adjust, and turn off auto brightness

Random Reboot

It can be called as the curse of Windows phone 8, which is committed right from its release. Online forums are filled with this issue as the messiest one. It was literally a bug from its initial release and has now been covered by the latest update called GDR2.

  • Choose Settings from your App list
  • Access Phone update and tap Check for updates button

Wait while the system connects to the Windows store, download, and install the latest updates available. Once done, please reboot your phone to take an appropriate effect.

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