Fix Windows Phone Error Code c101a006

A number of errors has already hit Windows 8 Phone marketplace. C101a006 is one of these errors that prevent users from downloading, buying, or trailing applications. Without a doubt, a smartphone with incapacitated app store is generally considered as impractical. The error does may or may not appear on every application of the marketplace. When triggered, it looks something like below.

The foremost solution which is always encouraged is checking your PC primary healthiness and restoring any discrepancy that perhaps is bringing about the disturbance:

  • Step 1 : Download Systimizer – PC Cleaner Tool (Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7 & XP)
  • Step 2 : Click “Scan” to find Windows issues
  • Step 3 : Click “Fix” to eliminate all troubles

Store Error

We’re sorry, but we can’t complete your
request right now.

Try launching the store again. If the
problem continues, check back in a little
while, or try restarting your phone.

Error code: c101a006

The issue has been discussed on many blogs and forums, but is still unresolved. It is through this article informed that after a while of investigation, we have gotten to a breakthrough point.

How to Resolve Windows Phone Store Error Code c101a006

In this connection, you will be communicated with a valid solution in the later portion of this article. The problem actually connects itself to Xbox and therefore be calibrated at the same place. This temporary solution will prove valuable until Microsoft addresses it with a full fledge fix in its upcoming 8.1 update.

Note down and perform the steps mentioned in the instructions below to get benefited.

  • From your Windows 8 Phone Start screen, go for the Settings
  • In the list of different settings, choose system application
  • On the next screen, select to enter language + region
  • In the Country/Region box, select a supported region (preferably United Kingdom)
  • Set the Phone language and Regional format
  • On the bottom of same page, tap on the button stating restart phone
    (please note that the restarting you phone is a must to do step)
  • Log on to and choose the same region at the bottom of webpage
  • Now get back to the settings and go for phone settings
  • In the phone settings menu, tap the music + video settings
  • Drag the slider to turn on the Connect with Xbox Music option
  • Drag the slider to turn on the Xbox Music cloud collection option
  • Drag the slider to turn on the Now playing on Xbox option
  • Restart your phone

You should now be able to buy, trial, and download any kind of application from Microsoft Windows Marketplace. Please be informed that you can change your region only once in three months. As soon as the new update is announced from the Microsoft, get those and revert back to your own region settings.

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20 comments to “Fix Windows Phone Error Code c101a006”
  1. So ran trough some of these steps w/ tech support; one thing to note is that changing your region on your account changes how you add payment methods; meaning that your us address won’t conform with a Canadian province dropdown.

    And tech support can’t fix it so now it is in escalation hell.

  2. I’m getting a bit besides myself..!!!! The c101b000 code that wont let me download any apps and looking it up there’s nothing that is helping me fix it.. Can someone please put me on some game.. (meaning) help me fix this problem so I can go on with my day to day life please… Thank you very.. Very, much.. My email is at the bottom of this comment box.

  3. I can’t download any apps for this error code. Every time say reset your phone. 4 times I done it but couldn’t get any benefit. What can I do now?

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