Top Free Music and Video Apps in Windows Store

When it comes to entertainment, Windows Store serves you with countless free applications. Through these applications, you can access thousands of media archives to listen and watch music and videos live, as well as download them to your machines. All you have to do is just login to Windows Store with your Microsoft account and search for the applications by name, type, categories, and most downloaded. If you want it to be more specific, we will hereby provide you with assistance to choose from some of the finest. Please refer to the below Stated highly acclaimed items in this regard.

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Tunein Radio

Applications like these are contributing a lot to the revival of radio. However, it is the internet radio this time. This live application has the ability to access and play thousands of radio stations in hundreds of countries across the world. Trace local channels with ease, as well as, browse to the foreign ones of your choice. The application is quite easy to handle as it lets you browse through categories, languages, and locations. You can also keep yourself up to the recently accessed and frequently browsed radio stations. Another exciting feature of Tunein is that it has the ability to play your desired stations in the background, while you can work with other applications.


Building and managing playlists is a basic modern criterion for an accomplished Music portal. With a beautiful interface, 8Tracks offers you to start creating your own free playlist and accrue your favorite music. From its large and diverse database, you can opt and add pieces to your playlist. Trending Playlists feature helps you discover new songs within your desired genres. Moreover, 8Tracks lets you categorize your existing playlist by mood and genre. Once all set, share your playlists with friends, and have a nice amusing experience.


This is an uncommon music application, which does not create any playlist for you, as did by the previous one. Still, it is a valuable and worthy to recognize. It performs a complex task, which you might never have experienced. You must have gone through a situation where you come across to a music track for the first time and become keen to know more about it. Shazam has the ability to efficiently serve this need of yours. Turn the app on and let your microphone hear the song for a while. It would quickly find a match and display the song title, album cover, artist biography, and discography. It would also direct you to the YouTube link for the video watch.

Daily Motion

Although, the application does not require an introduction, we would spot light some of its great features. At the outset, Daily motion has one of the largest and populated online video libraries.

Not limiting to music only, you can easily browse through a variety of entertaining, educational, and informative videos. Subscribe to video channels and keep yourself updated with latest additions to the channel. The application makes it easier for you to browse through several categories including, movies, feature, music, news, sports, etc.

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