The Top Windows Store Games You Should Download

While you might be a hardcore console user or a diehard dual-GPU gamer, admit it; you too need a break from the wild shootings and the complex game plans. So why not have a friendly game installed at your Windows device that can not only ease up your mind, but also keep you hooked on the craziest of adventures.

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This article mentions the top Windows store games that have caught the attention of millions of Windows users across the globe, and made waves throughout the gaming industry. Read on and be enthralled by the amazing list of best games available on Windows.

Dots MultiPlayer

Price: $0.00

There’s nothing amusing in connecting dots, right? WRONG! Download Dots Multiplayer now and rethink what you think.

Dots Multiplayer is a highly fun and challenging game that tests both, the brain and the strategy. It involves the player to join identically colored dots in a line and score points with each connection. The more points you score, the greater your chances of winning. Furthermore, this Windows 8 phone game features a multiplayer mode that allows multiple users to join and play on a single platform.

So download this app from the Store now, and join your friends on an adventure of connecting dots. Rest assured, connecting dots will never be the same.

Angry Birds Space

Price: $3.49

Talking about the revolutionary games on Windows, one can never miss out on the most popular game ranked highly among the gaming community, i.e. “Angry Birds Space”. This game is a sequel to the Angry Birds franchise, and is ranked among the top selling mobile games of all times.

In “Angry Birds Space”, the developers carry the bird-slinging idea to a whole new level, LITERALLY by taking the ever-so-cute birds to space where they try to knock down the pigs and earn as much score as possible. The mission is to complete all the 18 levels, with each level being completed at the minimal time with maximum pig knock-outs.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Price: $3.49

“Angry Birds Star Wars”, another edition of the Angry Birds franchise, is a mixture of the traditional bird-slings and the balancing-in-space idea. The birds become a little “naughty”, and go on to impersonate the popular Star Wars characters. Buy this game from the Windows Store and enjoy knocking down your targets with the amazing powers now given to the birds.

Asphalt 7: Heat

Price: $1.99

It’s hard to find a complete racing game packed with exciting multiplayer options and fantastic game play and graphics. But with Asphalt 7: Heat, you don’t need to look more.

Asphalt 7: Heat is the latest and probably the most visually stunning production of the Asphalt series. It comes with exciting game modes, keeping things fresh and extremely fun. Its gameplay, being similar to the previous Asphalt series editions, gives the gamer an exciting experience of turning the car with the tilt of a screen, or with the touch at the side, or via a simple onscreen virtual steering wheel. Whatever the case may be, a fun and action packed experience is fully guaranteed.

Fruit Ninja

Price: $1.99

Who would have thought slicing fruit like a ninja could be so fun and intense at the same time! Well, Halfbrick Studios certainly did when they released their first version of Fruit Ninja in April 21, 2010. It was initially released for the iOS platform, and then later released for Windows Phone in December of that same year. Ever since then, this game has had no looking back.

It involves the user to slice fruits thrown at the screen with a ninja blade that is virtually the user’s own finger! The gamer swipes his finger across the screen, and watches it become a sharp blade that cuts the fruit in half. Mission of the game is to slice as many fruit as you can in the predefined time limit, and earn maximum points with each cut.

Halo: Spartan Assault

Price: $6.99

While many developers have attempted to make exciting shooting games for the touch screen platforms, none can do it better than 343 Industries and Vanguard Entertainment, the developers of the fantastic “Halo: Spartan Assault”.

Halo: Spartan Assault is the newest chapter of the famous Halo series, set between the ages of Halo 3 and Halo 4. It is a third-person shooter game that makes use of the top-down perspective. Players take the roles of Edward Davis and Sarah Palmer as they embark on a mission to fight off the enemy alien Covenant.  The game consists of 25 levels and is filled with fresh features along the way. Furthermore, the developers have informed about additional features to be added some time soon.

The Harvest

Price: $6.99

The Harvest is a popular Windows game which sends the player into a world far advanced from todays. It involves the gamer to defend against enemy aliens who are on a mission to turn organic life into cyborgs, and ultimately take over the planet Earth. Can you protect our beloved planet and save us from these hostile aliens? Purchase this game from the Windows store and find out!

Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Price: $9.99

Hydro Thunder Hurricane is the latest release of the famous boat racing series, the Hydro series. It involves the player to choose from the wide range of racing boats, and compete against the racers in a course filled with sharp curves and hidden shortcuts along the way. Furthermore, the player will find powerups scattered across the course which, when acquired, boost the player’s speed, increase the player’s jumping ability, etc.

This article listed the top Windows store games you should download.

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